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Run esxcli vm process list to get world id of VM. Power off the virtual machine from the list by running this command: esxcli vm process kill --type= [soft,hard,force] --world-id= WorldNumber.The esxcli storage nmp satp rule add command adds a rule that performs such a mapping to the list of claim rules. The options you specify define the rule. For example, the following command specifies that if a path has vendor VMWARE and model Virtual, the PSA assigns it to the VMW_SATP_LOCAL SATP. So I'm trying to passthru a USB controller to a VM. I've correctly enabled pass-thru and rebooted the host. But when I start the VM, I'm getting the following error: Failed to register the device pciPassthru2 for 41:0.0 due to unavailable hardware or software support. When I look at the vmkernel.log it shows this: